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We envision a future where everyone is able to find suitable career options for themselves, which they will enjoy and be able to find success in.

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Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid. - Albert Einstein

We believe that everyone should have a career which they enjoy, have the aptitude for, and which is rewarding for them in the long term. This can be achieved by carefully choosing a suitable career and having a detailed plan to cross key milestones in the journey, combined with disciplined and sincere execution of this plan.

At Spark Career Mentors, a Bangalore, India headquartered company we take pride in our endeavour to ignite the spark in every student. We help students identify, explore and plan for career options uniquely suitable for each of them. The team, consisting of senior professionals with decades of experience, mentor each student during their journey from senior school till early work life. Our Advisory Board consists of top professionals who have built successful global careers for themselves and countless others in a wide variety of career streams.

The Spark Foundation is a humble initiative of Spark Career Mentors which enables us to offer our services also to the under privileged students. We believe these students equally deserve a good career option and their lives will benefit even more by having a sincere mentor to guide them.
We envision a future where everyone is able to find suitable career options for themselves, which they will enjoy and be able to find success in. By finding their work life enjoyable people tend to excel at work easily and will find increasing growth and success in their careers. We strongly believe this will help us ‘shape the future’ of today’s students and also the country.

Our Offerings

Career Discovery

The strong feeling of not knowing what career to pursue can be very common. Understanding yourself better through experts and getting insights into your most suitable career options will allow you to make an informed decision about your future

Spark Admit

Students are mentored to build the required skill sets, personality traits and strengths required to be successful in college and professional life.

Spark Ventures

A six month module to help students build their own business/ social ventures or any other kind of initiatives to develop, enhance and showcase leadership.

Spark Plug

SparkPlug enables senior school students to explore several career options across diverse industries by visiting companies, meeting professionals, interacting with top students and learning key life skills.

Spark Ignite

Spark Ignite is a series of workshops. Each Spark Ignite workshop is for a 2-4 hours duration to learn a core skill essential for this age group. The core skills include Public speaking, Writing skills, Research Skills, Personal Branding, Financial Planning, Debate/ MUN, dealing with peer pressure etc.

Carrer Explorer

Explore your choice of career/s before jumping into it. Understand the journey, its challenges, required traits/ skills and benefits. Meet with students and professionals in the space to get real insights about the academic and professional life in your chosen stream.

Xth Grader's Dilemma

X Grade is a milestone for students and parents to evaluate the most suitable curriculum, stream, subject choices and even school that will enable the student to achieve optimal success during XI & XII grades.

In the news

A space for new ideas

22 September 0

A hackathon was recently held in the city for high 001 students by Spark Career Mentors and IBM Bluemix. The event witnessed a large turnout with almost all the registered students showing up. Senior leaders and staff from the two hosting companies also attended the event. The participants, who were from grades 9th to 12th, […]

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Just 16, he changes poor children’s lives

22 September 0

Most students look forward to some fun and relaxation during their summer holidays, but not 16-year-old Urvish Ramaiya. An eleventh-grade student of Greenwood High International School in the city; he has been working through his summer vacations as a computer tutor for students of a government school. Not only has he put together a coursework […]

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Hack the Herald HACkers sing!

22 September 1

Teenagers stuck to screens of varied sizes for entertainment is a popular adult grievance. But what if they were changing the world, one solution at a time? That’s what l7-year-olds Roshan Kirpalani, Rahul Alluri, Sathvik Birudavolu and Guru Senthil proved at the Bangalore Teen Hackathon, a rare platform that challenges high-schoolers to find technological solutions […]

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